The following is information that will help you settle quickly into studio life when enrolling your child at JDDC. 

Registration: I prefer to have a conversation with new enrolling parents to ensure that the dancer is placed in the correct class to ensure a happy start to the dancers lessons. Once the correct class is established then a enrolement form must be completed. You may find this on this site or you may collect one from the studio.


TERM FEES: These are due at the start of each term and incur a late fee of $10 if not paid after the first three weeks of lessons. There are four terms in the studio year with the year averaged out at 9 weeks per term some terms are 8 others 10 so I average to avoid confusion.Invoices are sent out by email for on line payment.

Please refer to the fees section.

DISCOUNTS FOR FAMILIES APPLY enquire at the office.
Refunds for non completion of term will not be made unless prior arrangements have agreed upon.

FEES PAYMENT:  Fees may be paid in cash or by cheque at the studio during office hours. Mon-Thurs 3.30-5.30pm. On line payment options are available upon receiving registration at the studio. Only full settlement of accounts are available for this option.

Please note there is no Eftpos on site.

Additional costs

Examination entry fees: There are additional costs for Jazz, Ballet and Tap Exams entries should you choose to enter. These are outside fees set by the relevant syllabus organisations.

These price lists are posted on the wall by the planner as soon as they are received.

Notification of due dates are sent out by email.

A production levy is also required if your dancer is participating in the production. This pays for the costume hire and is due by term three.

Please refer to the productions page for further clarification.

Extra classes: For candidates enteringExamination extra classes are made available where required. The cost is a donation and is expected from each child but not compulsory.


The uniform shop is open during office hours.

  • All students are required to have a uniform and shoes by the start of Term 2.

  • Girls Jazz: The Junior school wear purple leotards and black tights. The senior school wear black leotards and Jazz Pants with a cami style studio top. (Black bike pants may be worn in the summer instead of tights.)

  • Boys Jazz ; A Studio T-shirt /Singlet or Sweat shirt with loose fit black pants.

  • Ballet Students: to start the Jazz leotard may be worn but pink ballet tights and ballet shoes must be worn to class. Once you have committed to class then the regulation ballet leotard will apply.

  • Hip Hop: Rubber soled black shoes – loose fit black pants – Studio Hip Hop T Shirt or singlet.

  • Shoes:All Introductory level Jazz students require Black Jazz shoes. Intermediate grades require Tan shoes,Foot undies and knee pads as well.Read set dance wear pink ballet slippers for girls black for boys.

  • Pre School: The Ready Set Dance uniforms are available from the studio shop.

  • Broadway Jazz Classes: studio t shirt and black pants.

  • Contemporary : studio cami or t shirt with leotard under and own choice of tights

  • Studio ‘hug me tights' (cross over tops) may be purchased from the studio shop or knitted by you.

  • Girls - please ensure hair is tied up in a bun or French plait.

  • Please remember to name all clothing and shoes.

Dressing correctly for dance is important for correct body and posture awareness, presentation, grooming and hygiene. Pride in being a dancer comes with all of the correct clothing for class thus allowing the dancer to move with confidence and no distractions.

Care of students and Behaviour in the studio

The school is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. A parent of a student under the age of 8 is to remain at the studio location. All students are to be escorted to the studio and not left for long times before or after class. Please do not allow your children to play outside in the carpark or neighbouring businesses.


The car park has an entrance marked in yellow that takes you onto the metalled area. Please do not park over it! Please do not do 'spins' or drive fast on the metal. Safety for everyone please! Keep your eyes open for young children, they move very fast and we don't want any accidents.

Waiting room behavior

A little note from Miss Sharon

I am constantly amazed at the noise that some parents seem to be able to sit through. The waiting room is a privilege not all studios offer. It is also not a playground and children running, jumping and climbing is not satisfactory to me.

If I have to come out of teaching to tell students off for excessive noise then class progress is interrupted.

Parents, please keep your children in control. There is lovely library with several books on offer for all ages if you have not bought some thing to occupy them. You are welcome to enjoy the books, but please put them back before you leave.

While I don't mind afternoon tea being eaten inside, I do mind cleaning  up after you. Please feel free to use the rubbish bin, brush and broom.

A tidy workspace is a pleasure for all.

Changing room and facilities

The toilets are NOT the changing area.

Please do not take your child into the stalls to dress them it holds up the availability of the toilets. There is space down the corridor between the two studios for changing.

Studio rules


RESPECT for our lovely studio space, RESPECT for one another, RESPECT for the Teachers, and mostly, RESPECT for yourself.

Photo release

Enrolling grants use of photographs and video of students for teacher training purposes or for promotional materials the school creates. If you are opposed to that then you need to notify the office or Miss Sharon.